5 Modern Art Decor Styles for 2023

5 Modern Art Decor Styles for 2023

There’s nothing like finding meaning in art – whether paintings, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media or more. One thing’s for sure, it nourishes the soul in a way that only you know.


But deciding which style of decorative art is right for you and your living space takes confidence. Because it’s as much about trusting your eye, as it is about knowing what’s out there.

Modern Art at a Glance

So what exactly makes art decor ‘modern’?


From as early as the 19th century, artists abandoned the rigid values seen in art styles like Renaissance.


The trigger? After decades of upheaval from the Industrial Revolution and two World Wars, people refused to accept a sugar-coated reality. In Portugal alone, the Carnation Revolution halted a 13-year-long colonial war and freed expression from the grip of dictatorship.


The rise of abstract, free-flowing shapes, lines, colours and form unlocked a universe of possibilities and new ways of feeling.


Across Europe, modern art flowered in an evolving world: it became ugly, radical and magnificent all at once, and no one was superior to anyone else. Because anyone could enjoy, paint, and collect art.


So without further delay, let’s count down 5 art decor styles for 2023.

1) Still Life

Freeze! Don’t move.


Seriously, still life depicts lifeless objects in art. It comes from the French word ‘morte natural‘ which translates literally to “dead nature”. This means fruit, dead game and hand-crafted items steal the show from living subjects like me and you. And are injected with sneaky symbolism that takes artwork to the next dimension.


As shown by Sylvie Paulic with her oil piece ‘Les Oignons‘ where a sulky background highlights the onions’ delicate skin – it’s a modern take on a classic style.


Or, in ‘Ria Formosa‘, Fonseca Martins conveys the irresistible joy of the East Algarve’s towns: cute villas, framed by flowers, float above the Ria Formosa lagoon.

Tavira D'Artes fine Still Lifeart gallery
Les Oignions by Sylvie Paulic
fonseca martins oil painting classic painting tavira art gallery algarve
Fonseca Martins' Ria Formosa

2) Abstract

At a glance, an abstract painting might look like a couple of red splodges on blue streaks. But tap into your imagination, you might also see two people facing the ocean.


Abstract shows you what artists see underneath the surface. And fluid shapes, lines, texture and colour appeal to your emotions, values, and innermost experiences.


Take Lotti Klink  who invites you to dive into a kaleidoscopic world, as seen in mixed media masterpiece ‘Coral Reef’.


Or, Stela Barretto whose unravelled realities in acrylic like ‘Recomeços Abstratos LXXII Meu Mar’, flash with dreamlike intensity. Which is your favourite?


And let’s not forget the sensual acrylic paintings of Miguel Redondo where colours clash violently under a bleak sky, as in ‘DOÑANA III‘.

Lotti Klink's Coral Reef
Lotti Klink's Coral Reef
Stela Barreto's Abstract painting
Stela Barreto's Abstract painting
Miguel Redondo Donana lll
Miguel Redondo Donana lll

3) Figurative

On the opposite end, figurative art declares real things and people alive.


For instance, Dagoberto’s fleeting moments, such as the Rua Augusta Arch seen over a shoulder on a bright day in ‘No Sossego Dos Dias – Lisboa‘, tells the whole story.


While Flávio Horta animates Alentejan rural life with a modern twist written in ink, like the contemplative ‘Terra Ardida‘.


And sculptor, Angelina Maia, via snatches of natural materials, like cardboard, takes inspiration from women’s form in gold and silver sculpture: ‘Asteria‘ is one example.

Dagoberto's No Sossego Dos Dias - Lisboa
Dagoberto's No Sossego Dos Dias - Lisboa
acrylic art fine art painting flavio horta tavira algarve
Flavio Horta's Terra Ardida
Tavira D'Artes fine art gallery
Angelina Maia's Asteria Sculpture

4) Seascape

Draped in the Ria Formosa’s dreamy lagoons and luscious sunsets, the East Algarve is an excellent place to be for stunning natural beauty. So it’s no surprise that Tavira’s namesake gallery, Tavira D’Artes, yields seascapes of all moods set in striking geographic locations. The perfect remedy for a blank wall.


Because let’s face it, there is nothing better than gazing at the ocean with no concrete to block your view; no engines to break the spell; and no strangers to ruin your special moment – from the comfort of your living room.


It’s why so many love the explosive seascapes of Magdalena Morey for their wall.


Paired with Andres Moreno‘s prints where colourful confectionary sweeps you from sofa to sand dune.

Tavira D'Artes fine art gallery
Magdalena Morey's Signs of Spring 2
Tavira D'Artes fine art gallery
Series Vientos II by Andres Moreno

5) Cityscape

Depicted throughout history from as early as 1AD in the Roman baths, cityscapes accentuate the best of city life: architecture, streets, buildings, skylines and everything in between.


As explored by mixed media artist, Pedro Rodríguez with new in ‘Colours in New York‘ where city lights leap off linen in technicolour.


Front row seats to the big apple, minus a 6-hour flight? Yes please.

mixed media art pedro rodriguez fine art gallery tavira algarve
Colours in New York by Pedro Rodriguez


It’s tricky to know which style is best for you, without seeing an artist’s work in person.


Our advice?


Run your eyes over the Artists page on Tavira D’Artes website. Better yet, pop in for a look with gallery owner, Karen, and mull over your favourite styles together. Our gallery wall is where your best decisions are made!


And if you’re still not sure, don’t worry. Tavira D’Artes brings beautiful artwork to you with takeaway styles to test your senses.


Whilst furniture shop, Oliveira Decor, offers a wide range of home accessories to finish your desired look.

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