Seascape Art

Discover Tavira D’Artes Seascape artworks that we have on offer at the Gallery and our online collection.

What is Seascape Art?

Seascape art and paintings are considered a very popular form of art to collect as “they speak a common language, they celebrate the majesty of the natural world, and they often are simply beautiful” (Joshua Eldred)


The central focus of all seascape paintings and works of art is of course the ocean or a vast body of water. This usually includes depictions of the sea, its coastline or other maritime elements without the need for figurative elements.


This is why this art style is often confused with Marine Art or Maritime Art. These should be viewed as more specific categories compared to the broader term Seascape.

A Brief History on Seascape Art

The sea and depictions of humanity at sea have been present in art since antiquity. However these works of art were used to tell a story or used to form a certain narrative.


As historical events unfolded and shaped the future to be, art styles, trends, techniques and knowledge would follow.


The specific genre of Seascape Art can be traced back to the late 18th Century and has it’s origins embedded in landscape based art.

After the French revolution and the rise of the Romanticism artistic movement, many artists in their depictions of the sea changed their focus. The usual portrayals of man made objects were replaced by the beauty of nature in all of it’s simplicity and beauty.


Today, at Tavira D’Artes we continue to exhibit this timeless classic art style thanks to the unique works from Olivier de Pannemaecker and Andrés Moreno. Come visit the Gallery and see for yourself.

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