Still Life

Discover Tavira D’Artes Still Life works of art that we exhibit at the Gallery and showcase on our online collection.

Tavira D’Artes Still Life Collection

What are Still Life Works of Art?

These works of art depict lifeless objects. It comes from the French word ‘morte natural‘ which translates literally to “dead nature”. This means fruit, dead game and hand-crafted items steal the show from living subjects like me and you. And are injected with sneaky symbolism that takes artwork to the next dimension.


Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers is a perfect example of a 19th Century Still Life painting that is recognised internationally.


With our unique collection at the Tavira D’Artes gallery, you too can now take home these stunning paintings and not only elegantly decorate your home but consider the deeper themes and meanings on the canvas.

A Brief History on Still Life

The origins of Still Life Art date back to the Middle Ages and Ancient Greece but emerged as special genre in Western cultures by the late 16th century and has continued to be a popular art genre to this day.


As the study of art became more and more prominent, the still life style was considered as way for young artists to practice on depicting shapes and forms.


Yet these paintings were often used to attach a deeper meaning. These could be religious, mythological, personal, philosophical or even societal meanings.


This art style essentially became a method to capture, observe, critique and even record events, changes and movements during an artist’s lifespan. This brings to mind Andy Warhol‘s Campbell Soup Cans. His depiction of an ordinary every day object became a world wide sensation.


Today, Sylvie Paulic understands these concepts beautifully and applies them to her oil based still life paintings and we are delighted to be exhibiting her work at our gallery among others at Tavira D’Artes.

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