Figurative Art

Discover Tavira D’Artes’ Figurative works of art that we are showing at the Gallery and our online collection.

What are Figurative Works of Art?

This historical art style declares real things and people alive. The Tate defines it as “any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world and particularly to the human figure”.


This style of artwork, often in contrast to Abstract Art, and usually found in paintings and sculptures, is representational.


Art that falls under the the Figurative genre essentially represent the real world. This can be architecture, historical moments, Still Life, human forms, Landscape, and Seascapes.


However, there doesn’t need to be a completely realistic depiction of the main subject. There are many unique variations to figurative works of art depending on the Artist and their techniques. This can be seen in our collection at the gallery.

A Brief History of Figurative Art

The genre of Figurative Art has been in existence since the first drawings found in caves dating back to the prehistoric era. As detailed previously, this artistic style attempts to recreate and mimic real life.


Throughout history and the ever evolving art movements, depictions of real life have continued to be a dominant subject and central focus to many works of art. Yet during the early 20th Century, this movement saw a decline in popularity as new artists were rejecting the “old ways”. With the rise in impressionism, experimental art and the invention of photography, the classic approach of representing real life objects through paintings and sculptures fell out of favor.


Interestingly, after all the social and political changes that occurred during the 20th century and the rise of Expressionism, a new and more modern approach to Figurative art emmerged.


Today, Figurative works of art can be seen to merge multiple varying artistic styles in an attempt to depict and represent real life. You can come and see this at the Tavira D’Artes gallery or view the collection online.

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