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Tavira D’Artes Abstract Art Collection

What are Abstract Paintings?

At a glance, an abstract painting might not look like much. But tap into your imagination, you might also see two people facing the ocean.


This art genre allows you to find your own interpretations, emotions and feelings and in a certain way is a silent conversation and experience between yourself and the artist.


Abstract paintings show you what artists see underneath the surface. And fluid shapes, lines, texture and colour appeal to your emotions, values, and innermost experiences.


Although there is no single definition to this art genre, it is based on the concept of abstraction which means “freedom from representational qualities in art”. It is a form of nonrepresentational art and therefore is not bound to a single movement, style or genre in the visual arts.

A Brief History of Abstract Art

The origins of abstract art can be found in the art movements of Impressionism and Cubism during the 19th Century. As a defined genre, it is relatively modern when compared to other styles such as Still Life or Figurative Art.


At the start of the 20th century, artists benefited from a greater level of patronage independence and were able to start experimenting in ways that had not yet been allowed. Painters such as Wassily Kandinsky or František Kupka  took full advantage of this new found liberty and their works started to make no reference to the real world around them.


Today the abstract movement in art can be found across many forms such as paintings, digital art and music. There is a distinct practice for the artist to focus on elements such as texture, scale and colour allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.


At Tavira D’Artes, we display many works of art that embrace abstraction and can bring a unique dimension to your home.

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