Open Imagination


  • Price: 800€
  • Dimensions: 60 x 80cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
John Doe

Pascale C.Fey

Pascale Fey was born in La Rochelle (French West coast) where she worked in graphic designing and simultaneously started painting and showing her works. After a lifetime longing for Portugal, she managed to make her dream come true and now lives in Algarve. This fact however has no direct incidence on her art as Pascale finds her inspiration mainly within herself. Her canvas are first entirely covered with black paint, possibly as a way to make life emerge from darkness. The brush then moves on the black canvas as if plied by the unformulated thoughts, obsessions, dreams that roam in the artist’s mind. The painting is achieved when the message is made clear to her conscience. Pascale admits that her art is from of therapy for her. Her avatar is called Georges, a mysterious character in greyish coat and hat forever turning his back to us. He possibly represents that somber part that we usually do not allow to come into daylight, that part with no words nor articulate thoughts but violent desires or fears: dead, escape, happiness or consolation of all sorts…. Georges allows Pascale to express what she would not know how otherwise. As for the spectator, he or she may well feel an odd familiarity with the character and experience the strange feeling of recognizing something he or she did not know was there. So it might just be that Georges is her… and us.