Demystifying Abstract Art Painting Styles at Tavira D’Artes

Demystifying Abstract Art Painting Styles

Is it your first time buying abstract art paintings?

Do you want to know more about the types of abstract art paintings at Tavira D’Artes before making a purchase?

Are you looking for wall art recommendations to spice up your home?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Because Tavira D’Artes is your go-to gallery for abstract painters. Whether you’re down the road or across the continent.

So, without further delay, let’s demystify abstract art.

Fundamental Origins

Want to understand abstract? You need to know its history first.


Because it was a radical response to the mind-bending effects of progressive design, technology, philosophy, and social change in the 20th century.

When representational art, like Renaissance, felt alien in a warped world.

So obvious subject and form were replaced by perplexing colour, shape and lines; free of rules. And the modern art movement began.

It’s still going strong today.

Abstract Art

Lotti Klink‘s spectrum of colours and moods invites you to envision a life free of form. The gold static of ‘Yellow Brick Road‘ conveys frantic energy that cannot be contained.


lotti klink abstract art tavira art gallery algarve

Lotti Klink’s Yellow Brick Road


While ‘Amusement‘ pulses with spring tones in a feel-good palette.


Tavira D'Artes fine art gallery

Tavira D’Artes fine art gallery


But interpretation knows no limit – what’s yours?

Themed Abstract

Themed abstract is fabulous because you can spot certain things in each painting.

The artist Stela Barreto hints at related topics to Tavira in her artwork. Besides castles, boats and fishes, you might spot the lily-white Santa Maria do Castelo, among other churches in town.

Abstraçoes Sugestivas ll Ana‘ features Tavira’s known-by-name boats and charming, stooped houses.





While the nautical references continue in ‘Rec. Abstracto LXXXVLLL‘. Do you see the beached sailboats on their side?


abstract fine art tavira gallery algarve

abstract fine art tavira gallery algarve


The cubism art movement grew out of Paris in the early 20th century. Actually, it was the first abstract style in to rock the scene like never before.

As its name suggests, cubes and other two-sided shapes are painted together in fragments.

The result? Multiple ways of seeing people, places or things in artwork.

Miroir‘ by Olivier de Pannemaecker is awash with calm: rectangle reflections on water draw your eye to its utter stillness until the horizon.


Olivier de Pannemaecker’s Miroir


But unlike classical styles, cubism is two-dimensional. Meaning it doesn’t try to make things look real or graspable; artists want you to recognise that the painting is on a canvas.

And though early cubists were known for neutral palettes, contemporary art like ‘Canots‘ is just as pleasing to the eye: with bright maritime colours that appeal to all.


Olivier de Pannemaecker’s Canots

Geometric Abstraction

Long seen in Europe’s ancient kingdoms – azulejos spring to mind – shapes are key to this unique style.

So how exactly do you recognise it?

The clue is from geometric shapes and lines in art.

For instance, Fonseca Martins reveals snatches of Tavira in his fractured abstract painting, ‘Cortes’.


Tavira D'Artes fine art gallery

Fonseca Martin’s Cortes


Do you see the circles and squares too?

What’s more, geometric abstraction evokes emotions and perspectives, unique to you and how you’re feeling in the moment.

Take a second glance at ‘Cortes‘. As an outsider looking in, your experience of the Algarve leads. And will influence your appreciation of the painting’s visual language. So it helps to know that before being an artist, Fonseca Martins was an architect in Tavira.

Lastly, because this geometric style is non-representational: appearances aren’t everything. As in ’Abstracted’ where your experience is only one fraction of its beauty.

Fonseca Martin’s Abstracted

Abstract Expressionist Art

A reaction to the traumatic post-war reality, abstract expressionism is rooted in liberty. It began its lifespan in the 1940s, with American art icons like Jackson Pollack taking the canvas by storm. Fast forward 80 years and it’s one of abstract art’s most far-flung styles.


So what makes this style stand out?


Firstly, non-representational things that cannot be physically pinned down – like our inner thoughts, ideas and beliefs – create a visual language.

For instance, Miguel Redondo shows you how to convey nature at its rawest. The powerful ‘Portil IV‘ evokes an ocean’s unstoppable force in a matter of colours.


Miguel Redondo’s Portil IV


While the explosive simplicity of ‘Portil I‘ could be emblematic of the artist’s passion. Or a wildfire at the end of the road.


Miguel Redondo’s Portil I


The imagination is limitless, where will yours take you?


And abstract expressionist artworks show unpredictable, sudden movements created by brushes and other tools.

Magdalena Morey‘s ‘Walking Along the Surf I‘ in turquoise and gold patchwork is akin to the Ria Formosa’s visual fabric.


acrylic painting and mixed media art gallery algarve

Magdalena Morey’s ‘Walking Along the Surf I’ acrylic painting and mixed media art gallery algarve


While abstract artist, Jessica Dunn takes you on an autumnal stroll in ‘Days Like This‘.


jessica dunn fine art abstract art gallery tavira algarve

Jessica Dunn’s ‘Days Like This’ fine art abstract art gallery tavira algarve


How? Layer-on-layer of tender brushstrokes.


Now you’ve unlocked the mystery of abstract art, don’t wait for disappointment.


Because Tavira D’Artes sells fly-off-the-wall abstract artwork to everyone round the world. That painting you really like? Might be snapped up by tomorrow by someone quicker than you.


Get in touch with gallery owner, Karen and buy yours today.

Which abstract art style at Tavira D’Artes do you love most? Get in touch with us today!

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