Paco Santana

Paco Santana, originally from Spain is a prize-winning artist.

He paints alluring paintings that conjures a serene seascape through minimalist lines and soft colours, meticulously layered. The ever changing hues of the sky and ocean, eloquently narrating the sublime beauty of transience.

Imagine this tranquil aesthetic in our space, weaving an ambiance of peace and calm, bearing a workless take of both enduring and ephemeral beauty.

Paco Santana Artist Featured Image
Available Artworks
El pez rojo XI by Paco Santana Oil on canvas painting available at Tvaira d'Artes Art Gallery Portugal
El pez rojo XIV

60 x 60cm



Inmensidad VII by Paco Santana Oil on canvas painting available at Tavira d'artes Art Gallery in Tavira Portugal
Alba XII

80 x 80cm



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