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Polar Bear

  • Price: 980€
  • Dimensions: ------------
  • Medium: Marble
John Doe

Wolfgang Spengler

Wolfgang was born near Stuttgart in 1956 and completed High School. He trained as a dental technician. After completing the masterclass he decided at the age of 29 years to work independently as a free lancer. Nearly twenty years later he bought a piece of land in São Brás, Algarve, built a house and a dental laboratory. While contacting the dentists in the region, he learned the Portuguese language. His hobby has always been designing, carving and sanding sculptures of different materials. Through his profession he was always keen to master perfect details. This way, pieces of various materials (wood of olive trees, carob, and almond trees), limestone, marble, alabaster, granite and soapstone are growing and surprise everybody with their unusual subtleties and stunning details.