Open Imagination

Le Salon

  • Price: 490€€
  • Dimensions: 60 x 20
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
John Doe

Sylvie K Paulic

I would say that the painting came to me and not the reverse; I never had this vocation. Passionate nonetheless about old painting, color and beautiful interiors, I decided, for my job as a decorator, to take a few drawing lessons in order to perfect my projects for my clients. Taking a liking to this training, often encouraged by the different teachers, I let myself be guided over the years and I decided to join a renowned Parisian copy shop. But it was from my meeting with Mr. Philippe Lejeune, a former student of Maurice Denis, that I took a turning point in my professional career, to devote myself entirely to painting; "you have talent, but it will not be enough, you will have to work!". From now on, his words will never leave me and will carry me for many years to advance in this painstaking journey that represents the profession of painter. Rigor, patience and perseverance will become my daily life. This desire for every day is now rewarded, since painting is my profession in its own right. It is portraits, still lifes and interior views - echoes of my old job - that remain my favorite subjects. Like Rembrandt, Sorolla, Fantin Latour or Sargent to name a few, I play with light, without which my painting has no existence. Respect, authenticity, and calm, my painting appeals to our five senses. Like the ancients, my subjects are those of my daily life where everyone can find themselves in this mark of time. I consider as a gift what the greatest have delivered to us, and it is in this line that I enjoy painting today. Sylvie K. PAULIC My training 10 years of apprenticeship, including 2 years of drawing practice and 2 years of trompe-l'oeil painting at the Louvre's Decorative Arts in Paris, 4 years at the Renaissance copy shop in Paris, a year of study of icons in Paris, a visit to the Dourdan workshop and occasionally to the Vine workshop in Etampes.