Open Imagination

Beach Babes

  • Price: 260€
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30cm
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
John Doe

Jo Montalvão

As a child Jo spent most of her time with a pencil in hand to reproduce the drawings in comic books. Curious and inventive she created all kinds of objects. After graduating in fine arts in Lisbon, Jo went on to London to pursue a career in art . When she moved back to her native Portugal in the southern region (Algarve) her observant eye of the tourists on the beaches gave her the idea for her comic 'Beach Babes'. Behind a playful setting lies another universe that her painting leaves free to interpretation. The cheerful and invigorating use of colour gives us an impression of love of life while still maintaining a subtle link with realism. The decorative elements constitute to the aesthetics of her work.