Open Imagination


  • Price: 2,200€
  • Dimensions: 90 x90cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
John Doe

Flavio Horta

Flavio was born in Évora and grew up in Figueira dos Cavaleiros, Ferreira do Alentejo. At the moment living in Beja and working in the city council. Self-taught, from an early age expressed interest in expressing himself through drawing and painting and was evolving with security and persistence, almost always in self-learning. The rural environment in which he grew up has a significant influence on the themes of his work. Resorting to color, sometimes to monochrome, is through a contemporary realism that in recent years has been expressed artistically, representing the people of his region, among other subjects. The human figure is almost always present, directly or indirectly on paper or painted canvas. He recently illustrated two literary works, "Contos Assesta" by the Alentejo Writers' Association and "In the Name of the Order" by Norberto Horta. Of the main exhibitions in which he participated, stand out: Individual exhibitions: Manuel da Fonseca Cultural Center (Ferreira do Alentejo); Chapel of Santo António (Ferreira do Alentejo); Municipal Library of Ponte de Sor; Gallery Nicola Di Nunzio (Beja); Smiles Café in Beja; Estoriastantas (Beja); House of the Alentejo (Lisbon); George Sampaio Municipal Library in Ourique Collective exhibitions: Manuel da Fonseca Cultural Center (Ferreira do Alentejo), Santo António Chapel (Ferreira do Alentejo); Ovibeja; "Open Gallery", CM Beja; Pousada de Beja; Unesco Center for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage - Beja; House of the Alentejo in Lisbon.