Open Imagination

Das Letzte Blatt

  • Price: 290€
  • Dimensions: 40 x 50cm
  • Medium: Ink
John Doe

Erika Russwinkel-Schulz

Erika Russwinkel-Schulz lives in Belm (near Osnabruck) Germany. She studied graphic design at the College of Art in Munster and worked during her studies as a freelance graphic designer in Northern Germany. During her studies she exhibited works and projects in and around Osnaburck, including in the Dominican church in Osnabruck. She taught at the Realschule Bad Iburg and by 2011 at Kathe Kollwitz School in Osnabruck. Erika has devoted herself to her artistic work since 2002. In her works the artist combines elements of nature, harmony, imagination and honesty - all part of their own personal experiences. In addition to graphic and drawing training, she is inspired by a variety of techniques learned on various courses and workshops, resulting in a combination of materials such as watercolors or drawing ink monotypes and collages with acrylic. Erika has shown her work in numerous exhibitions since 2006.